It began as many inspirations do, with the birth of their children. When Darren and Yoji became parents, they also became consumers of all things baby. And in doing so, they quickly noticed all things baby did not include many things they liked. They talked about this to each other, and they heard the same things from their friends. To translate their sense of style to their little ones seemed nearly impossible, and being artists, style was essential. So they saw the need, and they saw the light. Take their artistic abilities, and put them to work for their children. And in doing so, and rock it in a way the world had never seen. Thus the idea of “Ruthless & Toothless” came to be.

With R&T now in their heads, Darren and Yoji looked to grow the idea. Enter into the equation Chris Garver and James Hamilton, good friends as well as fellow cast members from “Miami Ink.” Chris and James were both living thorough the current baby boom as well in their own ways, and after a few lengthy conversations, they too joined the quest to create something better, cooler, and stronger for kids.

With the core team on board, it became time to turn their concept into reality. In order to take the idea from just an idea to something someone in Singapore could purchase for their little one, the guys hit the drawing board and joined forces with Branding Forces, David Steinberg & Casey Cordes to run the company. Through trial and error, and plenty of Blood, Sweat and no Tears, the RT Family was born.

Today, the RT Family is continuing to tweak, continuing to push and continuing to expand. A global event, RT is working it’s way around the world, reaching from Japan to Scotland to Seattle. More designs, more products, more absolute must-haves. Phone covers, skateboards, computer covers, baby carriers, baby bags, shoes, sandals, wallpaper... the line will continue to grow.

Requests have poured in from around the globe, and the guys have spent a good amount of time circling it as well, with stops in Barcelona, Singapore, Puerto Rico and Las Vegas. You can find RT online, you can read the RT blog, you can follow RT on Twitter, you can join RT on Facebook, and if RT’s not already there, then soon you will find RT in your hottest neighborhood stores. RT took time off to get stronger, and it's time once again for RT to rock around the globe.